The Kundalini Spirit Invades the Church

by Kimberly Brock ©2010

Andrew Strom has written a book titled Kundalini Warning in which he address  the changes in the Charismatic church culture and some of  it’s ties to Hindu and New Age mysticism.

When the book arrived in my mailbox I honestly did not know what to expect.   All I knew was that he “named names” and that’s cool if he felt comfortable with doing so, more power and blessings to him. Well, I received the book about 2 days ago and I have not put it down, in fact, it’s in my lap now as I type out this article.

Kundalini Warning , so far, is loaded with  stories from those who attended conferences hosted by some of our favorite prophetic voices, Patricia King, Heidi Baker, Todd Bentley, Che Ahn (I’ve visited his church a couple of times) Bob Jones and Rick Joyner.  Here is one person’s story:

Lynn Clark wrote:

After receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, God began to do a miracle in my heart and I for the first time in my life understood what real sin was and that it separated you from the Holy God…I was so spiritually hungry for Him. My problem was I began to look for Him in all the wrong places.  My first encounter was to sit under the teachings of Jill Austin-and to be taught and prayed over by her and listen to all her angelic visitations. This just opened up more doors to deception and darkness. It is by the grace of God that I was able to come out of this deception-but not right away and without God radically showing me the error of my ways.

I became introduced to the Prophetic Movement because Jill Austin was with the whole Kansas City prophetic  movement and I trusted her judgment-after all she was a Prophetic voice? I started running around to all the big name conferences-even a prayer person in a few-not realizing that I was operating in the flesh and seeing man more than God.  There is a huge deception there that satan makes you think you are chasing after God.  I have heard all the stories of angels-angel dust-feathers-not realizing that this was just another deception from satan to distract your worship away from God and to put it on experiences-man and angels.  However, I did never worship angels-but my focus was on the “Man of God” and how spiritual the Man of God is-and I am telling you, that is exactly what these big-name people live for- they are not millions of dollars rich because they preach the cross and repentance.

There are spirits of darkness that follow most of these big conferences and the Holy Spirit would bring up red flags and allowed me to see this spirit of darkness in two of these big lady conferences leaders-even to the point they were screeching-and so I said, Thank you Lord that you have shown me these are false prophets.  And so I go looking for the ones who are real-“right!”-still not heeding the small voice of the Holy Spirit within me.-Rodney Howard Brown-and the Holy Spirit still showed me the darkness and spirit he operated in-so I decided to check out Patricia King and Todd Bentley and, ignorant of their Third Heaven guided visualizations, attended a five day conference of Patricia King and then two of Todd Bentley’s conferences and began to imagine third heaven visitations-guided visualization-still not realizing that these are actually spirits of darkness-the New Age calls them spirit guides-demons is what they are.  And so I bought Todd Bentley’s teaching on third heaven visitations and brought it home to listen to.

I was in my living room laying on the floor listening to the teaching on how to visualize the third heaven and what to say and was getting caught up into his teaching and all of a sudden I began to shake uncontrollably and jerk and groan, and no sooner had this taken place I became frozen stiff- I could not move any part of my body and I knew this was a demon trying to take hold of me, and so with all the effort I could muster I cried out, “God save me-Jesus help me”-and as soon as I cried out to the Lord my body went limp.  God spared me that night and I will be forever grateful.

I spent much of the night in tears asking God to forgive me-and renouncing all the hands laid on me and all the awful deception.  I had opened myself up to, and most of all grieving the Holy Spirit within me and setting a horrible example of the true power and person of the Holy Spirit.

Here is what the bible says about the latter days:

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly(out spokenly, that is, distinctly), that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils. 2. Speaking lies in hypocrisy: having their  conscience seared with a hot iron. 1st Timothy 4:1-2KJV

“Seducing Spirits”

Attempt to imagine for a moment worshiping God then thinking you’ve heard His spirit solicit you to sexual perversions. This is just another account of the wicked spirits that have invaded the church as recorded in Kundalini Warning by Andrew Strom.  In true worship there is a balance of a son/daughter giving honor and glory to his Father.  If you’ve ever encountered this type of event, please renounce the perversion in the name of Jesus and repent of it’s reception.  Satan perverts everything good and holy EVEN  worship.

“Thine heart was lifted up because of thy beauty, thou has corrpted thy wisdom by reason of thy brightness…” Ezekiel 28: 17 KJV

Satan takes pleasure in counterfeiting moves and acts of the Lord. But why? It is so that he can steal the glory away from what we offer up to our Him. When in worship or focus is on the goodness of the Lord, the danger is seeking for signs and extravagant expressions of the Holy Spirit, not that those things do not happen, or should not.  God does things extravagantly but, when that is our focus , all the time, we can become victim of counterfeit movies and anointing.

Kundalini Warning is a very difficult book to process as it can be a bit one sided in it’s claim of who’s who in harboring this wicked spirit. We must not exalt the wickedness of sin in the Church above the power and grace of the Lord, our God. I don’t agree that all of the “top”  prophets and apostles are carrying this spirit but if I am wrong, the Charismatic movement is in horrible danger of becoming totally poisoned and ultimately ruined.  It is well said that those who do not adhere to the warnings of wickedness in the Church and continue to take pleasure in the “extremes” will be turned over to their own desires and sent strong delusions, but until that happens, let us stand in agreement for those leaders that God will bring this wickedness to light  and that we may see the true glorious manifestation of the Lord in the building and in the community as well.

For new believers in Christ, I definitely would NOT recommend this book as it could install fear and temptation. And for those who’ve experienced this type of spirit whether in church or in their home, anoint you house with oil and  denounce any ties with this spirit and pray God’s forgiveness, mercy, grace and protetection.

God is a spirit and those that worship him must worship in SPIRIT  and TRUTH. John 4:24 ESV

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Comments on: "The Kundalini Spirit Invades the Church" (8)

  1. Jonathan Russell said:

    I read this book and I think over reacted to it ar first.I’m very familiar with Rodney Howard-Browne been to one of his winter campmeetings and after tasting of the spirit in the meetings ,all I wanted to do was lead people to Christ.If this was a demon spirit he sure would be working against the devil’s own kingdom.I have seen the footage on the net the Andrew Strom and he may make some good points but I think some of it is reactionary and false.The devil is a counterfiter and maybe this is why what God might be doing looks similar to something demonic.The real test is the fruit.And I know Rodney has much good fruit.His ministry is the most soul winning one I’ve ever seen literally leading millions to Christ

    • Robert Bowles said:

      I saw the video’s why would I believe one man that says Hedi Baker is under a false spirit, when we can see the fruit, and she got her commission for the nations at Toronto. Went back to to the Nations and planted 1000″s of churches. You cannot do that unless God is with you.I look at IHOP, Bethel and the work they are doing (fruit)…. Yes some of what was said was true but alot was twisted truth. I just say who does the Bible say the accuser of the Brothern.
      Jesus you will know a tree by it fruit, I see the fruit of these men and women of God.. Don”t know much about the fruit of Andrew except that of the pointing of the finger. Just Saying.

  2. When I finished the book (which was really difficult to do) I really believed everything that I read in it to be the truth. That was almost a year ago since I read it. Now that I’ve had time to think about what I read I’m in agreement with you that some of the claims are a bit of a stretch. I listened to Mike Bickle & IHOP ministries quite a bit and received more encouragement and understand of God’s love then I ever had in my life as a child of God. I think that Andrew may be expressing what we’re all afraid of, being deceived. Thank you so much for reading & commenting on this.


  3. Robert Bowles said:

    Also , I want to say as Andrew is so quick to say to the leaders about falsely saying that they are self proclaimed Prophets and Apostles and the Judgement of God is going come on them. I will say to him,he had better be very , very sure when he refers to the anointing on these men as the a false spirit.. He better make sure he is not speaking against the Holy Spirit. He had beter know that is speaking by the Spirit of God.

  4. Robert Bowles said:

    One other comment,He is so quick to say that the jerking and that is the false spirit, I would like to know what he would have to say about the Cane Ridge Revival, the longest running revival in American Histroy, 30 years long. And that very thing was one main manisfestation of the Revival.

  5. Mordecai said:

    I herd about this Kundalini spirit a year ago, I have never read that book, so I don’t know. But I do know there are even Egyptian Spirits that try too mock Christianity. Now I don’t know if this Andrew, is like you think. You better make sure you ant dishonoring the Holy Spirit yourselfs in how you comment on here and pray and seek God, too make sure! You people could be wrong too, so you be careful, lets not get so prided that we think we know our walk with God, we need to test the spirits around us!

  6. So sorry but this is a grammatical error! It’s is short for it is. It should read its which is like saying his or hers. Yes we should test the spirit, the Holy Spirit brings glory to God and Jesus and never anywhere or anything or anyone else! It does not degrade God and the worship of God. As long as it takes the focus off Jesus Christ and onto something else and even oneself, then it is of other spirits which is very likely demonic!

    • I’d imagine there are grammatical errors. They are mostly due to the fact that I was learning to write without having the proper education, basically, I thought it would benefit me to teach myself. I noticed that the year of the writing is 2010, well, I was in college a year later studying English Literature. I’ve completed phase 1 of that journey hopefully to one day have a Masters in English of some flavor. Thank you for responding!

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